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To accompany the Trident series 90 in our A side room are the following recorders, Otari MTR 90 MK ll 24 track recorder and Alesis HD24 along with an array of outboard gear and mic preamps such as Avalon, Summit, Trident A range, Trident TSM, Focusrite along with signal processing by DBX. Lexicon, Sony, Aphex, Drawmer along with a vast selection of studio monitors to choose from Equator D5,Equator D8 Equator Q 10's to Tannoy, Behringer, JBL and Yamaha NS 10's
Black Horse Recording Studios is nestled in a country setting just off Interstate 5 in Custer Washington.

Black Horse Recording studios features a Trident series 90 console, this particular console has recorded such artists as Janet Jackson and Whitney Houston as well as many other famous artists.
Black Horse Studio B side features a modified Trident series 24 recording console along with Nuendo recording software with a vast selection of over 225 the latest plug ins such as Trident A range, Lexicon, SSL, Tube Tech.

We have a great sounding drum room, this room features 16 ft vaulted cedar plank ceilings. In conjunction with of one of our Trident recording desks along with our many years of tracking experience we can create a final product that you can be proud of in a stress free environment.

With an great selection of Vintage British and USA amplifiers from companies such as Orange, Marshall, Hiwatt, Laney, Fender along with high end boutique amps such as Kitty Hawk, Woodstock, Brunetti and Hughes and Kettner we are able to capture virtually any guitar sound you are looking for.

We also offer a great selection of classic microphones from Shure, EV, Royer, Telefunken, Neumann, Audix, AKG, Sterling and others we can accommodate most sessions with in house equipment.

Session musicians also available on request.
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